Welcome to This domain has existed in one form or another for at least a good three years now, but sadly not much that has been serious or productive has been done with it. The hope is that the following months will be a turning point for all that. Already since about the beginning to the middle of March a lot of code has been written, many design templates have been tinkered with, some such as this one have even been created from scratch, and a lot of server technology has been tested. It is, hopefully, the dawn of a new day.

What is this site for?

This site (actually the domain itself) will serve as a launch point for web projects to grow and mature to a point where they become worthy of their own domain, and possibly even their own web space. Some projects may remain here, because although they are not large enough to be worthy of their own domain, they certainly are an asset to the existence of the domain, as the rule is that every web project must either contribute traffic back to the domain or have enough traffic to sustain itself on it's own.

What is here now?

Things are pretty sparse at the moment. This is a fresh start after all. Below is a list containing at least one project which is at least close to becoming a reality, but may not be availible just yet.

Even if they are not visable just yet, rest assured, there are many more projects that exist at least as ideas. It may take a while for things to come together.

A chance at a sneek peek at what is to come?

Certainly. The following is a list of public sub-domains that point to the Desktop/Developement/Server where most of the content that you (will) see here is created. The availibility of this content cannot be garenteed, as all this exists on a desktop computer behind a single cable modem which you may be able to pull 1Mbps out of on a good day. In other words, this is not a production server. But then again, the accuracy of this content cannot be garenteed either. So, in other words, the content is not even production worthy. Note: Most content you find here may never actually be published, and could be deleted and/or moved at any time without regard to other sites that are possibly linking to said content. That being the case, please refrain from linking. You are free to host any content you find on your own web space, provided you give credit where credit is due.

Off site content, and Projects

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